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Flower Punk [userpic]

(Thanks to unamerican for inspiring this slice o' subversiveness.)

Flower Punk [userpic]

Welcome to my Friday:

*  I just realized how long I've really been away from LJ because I looked at my previous post and noticed that apparently I'd completely forgotten about the concept of putting a long post behind a cut. Sorry 'bout that.
*  I was out back just now and I saw a female cardinal and a male cardinal flirting with each other: the female lightly hopped over to the male and after a moment she gently pecked him on the cheek as if she were kissing him and the male ruffled his feathers ever so softly in what must have been sheer delight. Uber-kawaii.
*  (Hmm, two posts in one day; perhaps a some sort of regular posting really is on the horizon...)
*  This week I started dabbling in photomanipulation again for the first time since winter. Though I've been working on the same single project since Monday and it's not even half done. But not from lack of effort or deteriorated skills to be perfectly honest. It's just that each facet of this project is relentlessly time consuming for some reason. For now I'm taking that as a good sign since everything I've attempted with this piece has eventually worked in the end. But it's a "forest from the trees" scenario because sometimes I look at what I've accomplished so far and I see a grand vision coming togetherm, but at other times I see the photographic equivalent of a muddy Ford Pinto parked sideways in my living room.
*  I finally got ahold of the ultra-rare live album by the Flaming Lips called Says 'Sweet Jesus' which is probably most sought after for its inclusion of one of the best of their plethora of excellent cover songs, Queen's "Under Pressure". But nostalgia of my alterna-teen years overtook me and I skipped right to "She Don't Use Jelly". Man, I had forgotten what a wicked slice of zany fun that song is.

. . .
I know a girl who... reminds me of Cher
she's always changin'... the color of her hair
she don't use nothin'... that you buy at the store
she likes her hair to... be real' orange
she uses taa-aa-aan... gerines
taa-aa-aan... gerines
taa-aa-aan... gerines


Whee. :)

tunes brewing | The Flaming Lips - "Turn It On"
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Flower Punk [userpic]

Yep, it's been 9 months, but I'm still here. I'm not sure if I'll start posting regularly again, but for some reason I felt like posting tonight.

Here's the lyrics to a couple of my favorite songs at the moment. As it happens, the vibes they have are similar to my moods and state of mind most of the time these days.

"To the Birds" by Suede
{<[    (If you watched MTV in the early 90s and/or were into Britpop bands you probably
remember Suede's "Metal Mickey" or "The Drowners".
This song is one of those instances where a band records an awesome and beautiful
song, perhaps one of their best, and somehow it gets lost in the shuffle until it
turns up on a "best of b-sides and rarities" compilation many years later.)

Don't take your life 'cos your bicycle won't fly
You may be going to heaven tonight
Don't spoil the show for the love of some albino
You won't be going to heaven alone

I see her by the window
Waiting every night
So I wouldn't give a shit if my bicycle's in bits
I think I'm going to heaven on it

more...Collapse )

"Bloody Hammer" by Roky Erickson
{<[   (Roky Erickson is perhaps the founding father of psychedelic rock. He was
dosing LSD and writing genuine psych-rock with his band, The 13th Floor
Elevators, in 1965 a good year or two before bands like Jefferson Airplane,
Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles even began to dabble in the
area -- and he did it in his home state of Texas of all places to boot!
Unfortunately, he became one of the great "acid casualties" of the 60s
and ended up being institutionalized for psychiatric problems by the end
of the decade. Which horrifyingly included a stint in a prison for the
criminally insane following an arrest for marijuana possession during which
he received potent treatments and medication that are now considered barbaric.
But in the 70s he resurfaced, free from institutional life and chemical
free, and he started making music again... music, that was a *million times*
more deranged than anything he recorded during his acid days with the
Elevators. And here's one of the most notable songs from that period...
...btw, Queens of the Stone Age does a great cover version of this on
their "Make It Wit Chu" single...)

Demon is up in the attic to the left
My eye turns to the left to say no
You said first I am a special one
I never hammered my mind out

I never have the bloody hammer
more...Collapse )

I want you to kill your son, Abraham...
......I'm not fuckin' around.

even more...Collapse )

tunes brewing | Suede - "To the Birds"
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Flower Punk [userpic]

(Taken from the Gizmodo.com)

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Flower Punk [userpic]

Something has really been eating at me for a while now.

About this time last year a big fight broke out here in my journal over, well, a number of things. One thing in particular was that I got chewed out for being critical of labor unions. Ultimately, what I said was that I believed that unions were flawed and required reform. For this, I was essentially accused of being a cold-hearted, right-wing extremist. Eventually I was even told by my ex-girlfriend (we were still together at the time) that people on my friends list had contacted her and told her that my "anti-union rhetoric" was the modern day equivalent of using the word "nigger" in open conversation. They warned her that what I was saying was proof that I was becoming "psychologically unstable" and "dangerous". My ex left me shortly thereafter for being "psychologically unstable" and "dangerous" and one of the examples she cited as proof was what I had to say about unions; that I was "anti-union".

I am sick and tired of carrying around this memory of false accusations. As someone who has been the victim of a lot of prejudice in their life, I have been and am furious at being accused of bigotry for what I said.

First of all, I'm not anti-union and I said as much when the original argument happened. Second of all, and most importantly, the complaints I had about unions all had one common and integral theme:


FACT: Unions often drive up wages higher than necessary and drive the number of jobs down which, in turn, keeps many workers from making a living with perfectly good skills and talents because businesses are prevented from hiring them even though they would like to. Many people, including economist and Nobel Prize winner, Milton Friedman, have provided a wealth of evidence to prove this.

FACT: Entertainment unions have taken artistic freedom out of the hands of artists who are forbidden from participating in the entertainment industry unless they pay union dues; you have to pay for the right to create your art. I experienced this first hand while making student films in college where I had my name stripped from the credits because I refused to pay union dues while producing films that I would never see financial profit from.

FACT: Strikes, while initiated with the best intentions, are often survivable only by workers already successful and well-established enough to last out the strike while the far less-established newcomers to the workforce -- people that cannot afford to be unemployed -- are effectively hung out to dry. Furthermore, striking prevents fledgling workers from building a foundation in their chosen career field when they are barred from doing their jobs during the critical stages of early development in the workforce. Evidence of this can be seen in the many young screen and television writers who were forced to abandon their careers when they couldn't afford to wait out the 2007-2008 Writers Strike.

With that said, I think unions are a good thing and I'm glad we have them. I think the workers' right to strike when being treated unfairly is a good thing and I'm glad they have that right. However, it doesn't mean the system doesn't have flaws (only a few of which I have detailed above) and it doesn't mean that that those flaws should be swept under the carpet as "acceptable loses" as they have for so many decades now.

Much anti-union rhetoric comes from fat cats who only want all the fat cats to get fatter at the expense of the hard working men and women that do the hands-on work that drives industry forward. People like greedy corporate exectuives and their cronies. I don't support that at all. In fact, I detest those people and their selfish attitudes. Therefore, you can see why I am so deeply offended by having been lumped together with those detestable people. Especially considering that what I do stand for and am standing for here is giving every worker a fair chance to make a living doing what they're good at doing.

With my criticism of unions I am standing up FOR the workers, not against them. And for this noble stance I'm accussed of supporting greed and being a bigot?!

FUCK YOU. Fuck all of you who made these ugly accusations against me. Fuck all of you who interferred with the relationship between my ex-girlfriend and myself by presenting these accusations to her, whispering your bullshit in her ear during such a vulnerable time in our relationship. And fuck all of you of accusers for wearing your so-called liberalism and enlightment on your sleeve -- you are ignorant and closed-minded and you need to shut the fuck up.

None of you are on my friends list anymore so it's doubtful you will read this, but I've said my piece and now I think I can let this go.

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Flower Punk [userpic]

This is awesome:


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Flower Punk [userpic]

"beatles" searched on Google returns: 54,100,000 hits.
"jesus christ" searched on Google returns: 45,000,000 hits.

Over 40 years later, it's finally official -- The Beatles: more popular than Jesus.

Other things more popular than Jesus:

"jews" searched on Google returns: 50,900,000 hits.
    (oh, the lulz.)
"united states" searched on Google returns: 87,600,000 hits.
    (hmm, really.)
"sex" searched on Google returns: 88,400,000 hits.
    (enh, well, after all, who doesn't like sex?)
"cake" searched on Google returns: 90,100,000 hits.
    (enh, well, after all, who doesn't like cake?)
"shit" searched on Google returns: 102,000,000 hits.
    (enh, well, after all, who doesn't like.. wait; what?)
"drugs" searched on Google returns: 138,000,000 hits.
    (drugs; what you turn to when Jesus isn't listening. which is more often than not, apparently.)
"hollywood" searched on Google returns: 155,000,000 hits.
    (This is where I would make a joke about The Passion of the Christ if I had one.)
"anime" searched on Google returns: 187,000,000 hits.
    (...wtf? really?)
"manga" searched on Google returns: 268,000,000 hits.
    (......okay, this is getting a little weird.)
"japan" searched on Google returns: 651,000,000 hits.
    (fuck Pearl Harbor; we're in some SERIOUS SHI--)


"god" searched on Google returns: 461,000,000 hits.

Japan: more popular than *G O D*.

Starting learning kanji, motherfuckers.

TGIF. Peace out.

tunes brewing | Dozer - "The Throne"
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Flower Punk [userpic]

People that think all cops are good are like the people who followed Hitler into the Holocaust. If you are one of these people, please kill yourself.

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Flower Punk [userpic]

The past few weeks have had their ups and downs, but have resulted in the following new material.


"The plight of the redman." This is meant to symbolize what America did to destroy the native peoples that were here before it. What's cool is this was failed project on my hard drive for years and suddenly it came to life this month.

"Mechanisms of War"

I managed to pull this off in just over 24 hours. It's also one of the darkest things I've done.

"Last Dance with Lady Liberty"

One version of the end of days. Humanities last moments on a another post-Earth planet out there somewhere in the galaxy.


For all the stoners in the room.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my stuff. Comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated as always.

tunes brewing | The Chemical Brothers - "Galvanize" [feat Q-Tip]
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Flower Punk [userpic]

This has been stuck in my head all day:

"freedom today / righteousness saved / from the whores behind Babylon"

Did I come up with that or did my brain lift it out of some song? The lyrics to a lot of stuff I listen to isn't on the web so I can't be sure. Maybe it rings a bell for one of you.

tunes brewing | Monster Magnet - "Tab..."
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